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Hi, I’m Nicole Bodnaresk

a writer, a creator, a musician, and a storyteller.  


Upcoming Release

Life Vine: Growing Through Adversity

Guiding Inspirational Memoir

An inspirational guiding memoir that follows my journey as I navigate the turbulent waters of healing through multiple traumas, tackle life altering health concerns, overcome immeasurable pain, and revisits visceral journal entries all while discovering my resiliency and souls’ purpose.

Book Releases

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This moment took my breath away. And for this moment I forgot about anything else. Nothing else existed and any other issue lay dormant. I was here and only here. In this moment, I was not restricted to any belief, any past moment or potential future moment. I was lost in time and space. Lost and found. In the distance I could see the lighthouse that shed light to the navigators of the ocean. Lost and found.


Maybe that’s what I was - a navigator of this earth, a traveller… looking for the lighthouses…lost and found. I smiled out into the view in front of me… these are the moments that can never be taken away from me… these are the moments that make no matter what I was going through possible, these are the moments that nourished all the parts of myself.

Life Vine: Growing Through Adversity


"Can we exist fully, truly as time intended it to be?


All I know and all that is relevant is how I can exist fully and truly in this moment.


The past is the key, the future is a gift, and now is where I will be.

Thank you for showing up."

Life Vine: Growing Through Adversity


Public speaking engagements, questions, or sharing your story contact me here.

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