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About Nicole Bodnaresk

I have been a creator of all sorts since I can remember. I am a writer, artist, musician, designer, and communicator. The discovery of books that held immeasurable capacity of great mysteries, Utopians, fantasies, adventures, magic, and romances within them gave me dreams of what life could be. However, it was always the true stories of people overcoming adversity that helped provide me with an undying courage, will, and determination.

I have been blessed to travel many places in the world and listen to peoples stories and honour their experiences. I have run my own business for the last eight years and have made myself known in the community through different avenues.

I spend my free time volunteering as an advocate for health and mental health, as an Assistant Art Therapist and by helping people find the right resources, and for a non-for-profit boxing club for under privileged community members.

My dream is to create safe homes which provide nourishing food, shelter, and support for survivors of trauma. Supplying them with kindness, compassion, and love through music, art, and various healing techniques, ensuring they are heard and cared for in every step along the way. I truly believe that we all have life events where we can share and meet each other with a relatable human lived experience in a safe and impactful way. My goal is to encourage others to be empowered, heal, share, and live big. 

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My latest projects

My Latest Projects


Life Vine: Growing Through Adversity

Guiding Inspirational Memoir

An inspirational guiding memoir that follows my journey as I navigate the turbulent waters of healing through multiple traumas, tackle life altering health concerns, overcome immeasurable pain, and revisits visceral journal entries all while discovering my resiliency and souls’ purpose.


Returning to Peace

Women's Fiction

After leaving her home behind, Jen bought a one way ticket to Venice, landing at the Marco Polo Airport, right where her soul needed to be. Lost, alone and with child it was time for Jen to start a new life. The child was born to a world that had no awareness of his arrival, aside from a strange young man, Angelo, who just happened to be there to help through his birth. Nothing could separate the bond that was made in that moment. Having only been in Venice for a few months, Jen seemed to be in the right place in her life. Her newborn child, Marcello, kept her company. Jen had fallen in love with him the first moment she held him in her arms. There he was; a new creation to this earth, the love of her life. Then there was the man who had come to save her, a man that would show her just how beautiful she was. She would never forget his name, Angelo: the man that painted her beauty and restored her trust. She had only been in Italy three months; the three greatest months of her life. It would always be the greatest time of her life, she just wouldn't remember it.

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